Shriya Bhupal is an Indian designer based in Hyderabad. She was introduced to the world of creative arts and luxury fashion at a budding age which taught her the value of intricacy and craftsmanship in every creation. Having a keen observation of the world around her, she is inspired by opulence in all forms of design.

Having completed her formal design education at the New School of Design, Parsons, New York and with an ongoing masters at the London School of Fashion, the birth of Shriya Som was inevitable. Her eponymous brand of apparel in muted tones with exquisite fit, finish and construction has garnered huge appeal globally. From the heartlands of India to the metros to the Middle East, Europe and America, the label is favoured by women with a contemporary yet rooted approach and contemporary appeal.



From the textiles used to the embellishment and finishing techniques, quality craftsmanship lies at the heart of every design we make. A patient construction process and passion for creating memorable pieces ensures that no stone is left unturned in making lovingly crafted garments which epitomize sustainable luxury.


Our artisans and team members fuel the creative energy of the brand - we believe in empowerment by deeply involving them in every stage of construction and in celebrating their skills at all turns. We have consciously been striving to incorporate and revive Indian handlooms in our collections and have been working closely with local artisans for the same. Ensuring their needs at the workplace and beyond are met as well through continual feedback and initiatives that boost their income are all integral to our atelier.


A deep attention to detail translates into the use of various forms of handiwork for our garment embellishments, trims and finishing. Interwoven with our background and reimagined in a contemporary manner, beadwork, applique, crochet and stunning forms of embroidery and textile manipulation all come together in an exquisite and thoughtful manner.


We steadfastly work towards giving back to the community that we receive so much from. Along with ethical and sustainable practices in the atelier, our recent initiatives include providing nutritious meal boxes to frontline workers in various hospitals of Hyderabad as a gesture of gratitude for their service, and collaborating with the organization ‘Children’s Hope India.’ We have also worked alongside other NGOs doing brilliant work such as SNEHA, a group that is committed to protecting women and children against domestic violence.


We are proud to have a highly skilled, vibrant and compassionate team that includes our ‘karigars’ (local artisans and tailors), design, marketing and management representatives.
Every member of the Shriya Som family provides an irreplaceable contribution to the creative process, right from the skilled finesse of our tailors to the efficiency of our in-store associates. Along with a dedicated team that has been with us from the start, we often work with and encourage new talent as interns and collaborate with upcoming artists for photoshoots.