Fall/Winter 2018

"On Imagination," by Phillis Wheatley describes, "From Tithon's bed now might Aurora rise, "Her cheeks all glowing with celestial dies, "While a pure stream of light o'erflows the skies." The 'Aurora'- A Winter's Dawn is a collection of ensembles for Autumn/Winter 2018 that is fierce yet soft, edgy yet generic, powerful yet provoking from the Shriya Som stables this Fall.

The undulating vines with whiplash movement alongside shadowing floral blooms embedded with crinkled signature texture ,form the essence of the easy classic silhouettes that Shriya Som signifies. Reds in all its brilliance, is the color of love extending it's radiance to the Goddess of Dawn and Dusk hence titled Aurora.

This titular color for the season for Shriya Som highlights the other classic pales, the onion pink, ivory, parchment, periwinkle blue and ebony black. Reinventing the fringes into ombre forms and texturing adds fun to fashion. Diaphanous layered skirts, fringed capelets and jackets, easy shifts, the belted trench, the classic bomber, the strapless midi emblazoned with Japanese florals to represent a wardrobe mix for the woman who is omnipresent.