Spring Summer '20

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself ……..Unknown The world will get to you, many times. Fast moving, hyper linked, information overload, it can get from being connected to chaotic very fast. ‘Take a break’ mantras abound as an antidote. Travel say some, find adventure say others, rediscover yourself say many more. All of it, true. And yet, sometimes, getting away is less about leaving and more about being. And seeing the world around you with fresh eyes. And reacquainting yourself with the dust beneath your feet, the colours of the sun, the calm of the sky, the warmth in the air, the chatter of the birds, the sounds of the streets….. maybe adventure is just around the corner.

Maybe you don’t have to go too far to find yourself . Maybe you will discover it's really just about coming home! Trouvaille , Shriya Som’s Summer Resort 2020, is about that state of mind - relaxed but vibrant, calm yet exuberant, connected and curious ! In its continued exploration of new textures and treatments , Shriya Som this season collaborates with three artists/artisans, to interpret modern and traditional craft in the signature style that the brand is now recognized for : Collaborating with a print artist, Shriya Som introduces prints for the first time in their ready to wear line. Closer home, Shriya Som collaborates with master weaver, UNESCO Award for Excellence for Handicrafts recipient , adding exclusive weaves in Ikat to their repertoire in organza, taffeta, georgette, cotton and tulle. The geometrical weaves of the Ikat acting as a perfect foil to their signature floral imagery.

As an ongoing process of textural exploration, Shriya Som engages with the Godavari Women from Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh, to source and introduce the local craft of cotton crochet, for the Summer Resort 2020 collection Working on a colour palette of pure white, ivory, powder blue, cool mint, pale pink juxtaposed with a vibrant yellow, the silhouettes this summer can be classified as ‘relaxed sophistication’. Easier layered shapes for the ready to wear and summer cocktail/bridal line, meet new textural experiments in many variants of smocking and ribbon weaves, draping, embroidery and three dimensional accents.